Top 5 Social Media News Sources

social-media1We all know by now that the social media world is one of the fastest changing industries at the moment. That’s why it’s so important to find some good sources to follow and keep updated with what’s happening. As soon as you know it all, you don’t. To be a great marketer of a brand, you have to kept up to date as much as possible but remember that it could change a second after you read the article. There are so many out there so I’m going to let you in on a couple of my favorites.


Social Media Today

Maybe not my favorite site of all time because of it’s lousy workflow, Social Media Today seems to keep up with most other sources and it has also been known to reveal updates or trends faster than any other site that I’ve came across. If you can find what you need to find on the site than chances are that you’ll receive some good information. It’s so hard to find material because there’s so much of it. Because there’s so many authors who want to write 100 things a day for the site, it can be hard to pick through and find the real interesting and the really convincing articles.

Grade: C



Probably my favorite site because it’s easy to work with. Forbes has built a reputation over the years as being one of the most reputable sites on the internet and there’s a reason for that. Although the site may not be the first to break breaking news or to come up with the newest trends because they go back and check and double check their sources so that they aren’t stuck with putting out misinformed opinions and articles. The site has a clean layout and the main page isn’t clustered with 100’s of articles so it’s easy to find whatever you need.

Grade: A-



A site not as well known for it’s media updates but more for it’s product reviews and statements, CNET is a viable and upcoming social media news source. Right now they have a tab for “internet and media” but don’t be surprised if in the near future, social media is its own tab and a real big source for social media news. Because CNET has this all compiled into one, it can be hard at times to find the actual articles that you might need because there will also be articles for internet site reviews, etc.

Grade: B-


Tech Crunch

Another CNET type site that is growing in popularity is Tech Crunch. Tech crunch is different from CNET because it’s sole purpose for the site is to provide news for the ever-growing market of technology. I really like TC because it has easy integration with Facebook and Twitter, etc much like these blogging sites that we use. The site is very clean and easy to navigate but the articles are par at best. Written by people who have experience in the field that they’re writing about though.

Grade: B


PC World

One of the PC news giants, PC World has a wealth of knowledge about social media but the knowledge is put into other areas. PC World obviously focuses of the technology and not the media per say but the article about social media that are listed are excellent and very reputable.

Grade: C+



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