Twitter: Past and Present

Now it’s hard to understand what Twitter was like before this video was posted (almost two years ago), It’s always nice to go back and look at what the opinions were with the Twitter as we know it today.  I know that when I originally look at an update, I will immediately make assumptions and decide whether I like it or not but it definitely isn’t an accurate representation of how the product really is because I would be making the assumptions on quick notice and very fast.

One of the biggest things that this guy hates about the “new” Twitter is that you can only reply to one person at a time. I guess on the old version, you could hit reply and then scroll down through your feed and hit reply on someone elses tweet and it would sort of intertwine these responses into one. Now I can see how this might get annoying pretty fast but you really have to take the bad with the good here. Twitter is designed to be a more one on one type atmosphere while Facebook and MySpace are big on group interaction and keeping together on the same page. Also, because of the character limit on tweets, each time you add a name to a tweet, your character limit goes down so all in all, it’s probably better to just stick with replying to one person. With that being said, if you want to reply to more than one person at a time than Twitter probably isn’t the place for you. Part of putting together a good brand or putting together a good page is to be interactive with people so that mean you have to reply to people one on one. Don’t be lazy, just do it.

One thing that the creator of the video was pretty excited about was the fact that he could open up a photo or YouTube video straight from the Twitter page. It kind of seems funny that he was excited about that before but I can see why he would be. It kind of reminds me of how people reacted when Twitter came out with the new photo feature (within the past couple of weeks) where you can actually see a sneak peak of an image without even clicking on the tweet. This can be a good thing or a bad thing though. Obviously it’s a good thing because if you want to look at pictures, you dont even have to click everywhere. It could be a bad thing though because it can subject you to photos in which you wanted to avoid. It’s definitely a good thing for a business though because now if they want to show something off, they dont have to worry about whether the person is actually going to open the tweet or not because now the person will see it and it doesn’t matter if they want to or not.

I’d give this video a B. I could see he missed some features and made some assumptions to fast but I will say that he was pretty spot on about the “new” twitter even after I look at it 2 years later…


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