A review of socialmediatoday.com

Social-Media-TodayYou never know enough about social media. Once you think you know it all, something new comes out. A lot of businesses look towards a site like social media today for the latest and greatest from the social media world. Social Media Today is one of the top resources when people or businesses want to learn something new about the social media so I dive in to the site to try to find out what makes this site so good and reliable.

1. A vast array of opinions from reliable sources.

Just by looking at the home page, you will see there are a ton of different authors for the site. This is important because people want to know a variety of opinions from a variety of authors because the more input you can get on something, the better. A simple Google search on one of the authors (Mike Johansson) shows that he is definitely a reliable source as he is a Lecturer at Rochester Institute of Technology. Another search on Tim McMullen is the founder and Executive Creative Director of redpepper who is an ad agency from Nashville. Both of these guys are very reliable in the social media world. However, there are a lot more people who are not so credible like Ness Garcia who is a “MakeAWebsite” writer. The fact of the matter is you should probably research who writes these articles before you take them to heart.

2. Categories?

There are four different categories; Marketing, Networks, Practices, and Social Customer. Under each category is 5-8 drop down options. If you click on an option, there will be a list of blogs that deal with that subject. In my opinion, if you want to find a specific topic for a specific platform, you might run into a lot of trouble unless your lucky because there are a ton of subjects related to social media and to find the subject that you need in 4 drop down menus would be almost impossible.

3. Share, share, share!!!

One thing that I really do like about this site is its way of letting people share a story. If you click on a story, the first thing you will see is the keywords like in almost any other site but unlike all of the other sites, right after the keywords, there are a group of buttons to share the story to Facebook, Linkden, Twitter, Google+, and also in an email. This is a very nice tool seeing that the whole site is about social media.

All in all I probably wouldn’t recommend this site to someone else just for the fact that anyone can really post here at will. It might take a little time to get approved but unnecessary or false information might be leaked into the site and because there are so many authors, it might be hard for the site to keep monitoring the content and removing the useless posts.

My final thought on this site is: Don’t use Social Media Today


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