The How To On Different Facebook Posts

facebook_statusA simple plain text Facebook post may be good for your business at certain times but everyone knows how to do that! The fact of the matter is that these posts don’t get as much attention as the other types of posts that are out there. When someone comes to your page and looks at your wall, they will be bored if all you have is the basic post. Let’s spice things up a bit to make your business stand out and to potentially build your “like list”. I guarantee that if you follow these easy steps, your following can be multiplied 2,3,4, or even 5 fold. Don’t let your business get behind in this fast changing and even faster growing field of social media.

1. The regular status update.

The plain Jane of the social media world. Everybody does it so should you do it to? Well, if your friends were all jumping off bridges, would you? OK, so maybe that’s pretty extreme but we do work on the same premises here. Status updates are all over the place and you should avoid it at all costs.

Find the post box


Write your status and click post


2. The linked post.

The linked post is a great way to remind your followers of a website or article. The idea of a linked post is very simple though. You can go to the site in which you want the person to go, cope the URL and then paste the URL into the same are that you would put your text in a regular text update. If you do post a link, try and make sure that a picture shows up with the link so more people will go to it. You can also add in any basic text after or before you post the link and the link will not be affected at all.


3. The picture post.

The picture post is by far the most effective post and can be utilized for many different reasons. One is it grabs a persons attention more than any other post. As your scrolling down your feed, a picture will pop more than any other post. There are two ways to add a picture to the post…

One is to drag the image directly into the status update box. You will need to wait a couple seconds for the picture to fully appear and and then just push the post button.

Another way is to click the “choose file to upload” button and then look through the individual folders in your computer to find the right picture. You might have to wait a few seconds with this process too and as with any other status, just push the post button to post.



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